Hello everyone, and thank you for following us on this amazing new journey called Painted Desert Fur Con. Our community has come together to bring you a brand-new convention at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, February 1st-3rd of 2019. We are so excited to bring the fun of a furry convention to the chilly month of February. I have had a wonderful time working for furry conventions for many years, and am excited to lead this one in the amazing painted desert.

We have lots of awesome resources already available for you to chat, view and follow!

We also have two fun mascots Sunrise the Coyote and Sunset the Ringtail! You may be seeing them running around very soon… but you'll see if in all of our amazing art too!

On our website you can already find that registration is open, then staff applications, dance competition, dealers den, panel submissions, artist alley, and soon our DJ applications are already live and ready for you to fill out!

Our hotel block will be open soon, and that's for a good reason! We are giving time for our dealers to apply so that they have first grabs at the hotel rooms. After that, currently registered super patrons and patrons will have access to the block for one week, then it will be open to all!

Guests you say? On our website you can see we have a wonderful lineup. Our two local guests Don't Hug Cacti and Foxes and Peppers, a US guest Neon Slushie, and our international guest … you'll just have to wait for that one ?

Myself and the team of currently dedicated staff are so excited to put this on, and see you in February! 

~Bubbles, Convention Chair