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Its almost Con time!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the new year and guess what it's almost con time! Let's take a breather that it's a new year and reflect on the amazing guests of honor we will have this year. They have several amazing panels and offerings up to make this year fantastic.

First up is Silverfox! Their art consists of mostly cute chibified animals/anthro equipped with soul sucking, highly reflective, glossy eyes. His art style is heavily influenced by the Kemono / anime culture in Japan and his favorite artist is Ovopack (Murayama Ryota).

They are running the following panels at our convention

How to paint your character: Main events: Jan, 3rd 2020 4:30PM

How to superimpose a character into a photograph: Main Events: Jan, 4th 2020 3:30PM

Check out Silverfox's twitter below.

Next is our second guest Likeshine! She has been an artist all her life! Graduating from UCF with a degree in Animation, Likeshine has had her work featured in books, on clothing and jewelry, and more! Her beginnings as a caricature artist at popular Orlando theme parks have given her a strong background in fun, humorous, and engaging artwork. She's been the fandom's cookie-stealing green gryphon for more than 15 years now!

They are running the following panels at our convention

Frankenbeast!!!: Main events: Jan, 4th 2020 2:00PM

How to Survive as an Artist: Panel 1 (El Teatro): Jan, 5th 2020 1:30PM

Check out Likeshine's twitter below.

Our third and final guest is The Fur Collective! They are a fursuit making studio run by Kibitzer and Ilya, based out of Tucson, Arizona. They have been making fursuits since 2013. "We produce quality costumes with a focus on character and comfort. Each costume is made by hand and is designed to the specifications of our customers and packs the kind of expression and subtlety that you would expect from artists who love the craft." – The Fur Collective

They are running the following Panels at our convention

Doodles For Charity: Secondary Events (Terraza): Jan, 3rd 2020 9:00PM

A guide to commissions: Panel 1 (El Teatro): Jan, 4th 2020 6:30PM

Fursuit Construction, Making a tail: Panel 1 (El Teatro): Jan, 5th 2020 12:00PM

Check out The Fur Collective's twitter below!

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New Years Eve, at PDFC! 21+ Event with Music, Food...

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