Painted Desert Fur Con

Here is your fursuit group photo for #PDFC2020! You guys knocked it out of the park. There were 270 of you Amazing fuzzies helping make this year amazing. See below for the full resolution image!
Join our charity today in our photo booth starting 2:00pm though 5:00pm you will be able to get photos with our scaley friends! It's located right in the main con space.
Come join us for a DND game unlike any other, you get to change fate with charity donations, you get to make choices for the GM and smite the ever powerful Natural 20!​ Panel 1 (El Teatro): 11:00PM-12:00PM
Drinks and stories from cons past that you probably shouldn't tell your mom... Have a question or have a story you missed? Donate to the charity and we'll do our best to remember. Absolutely no recording of any kind. 18+ event Panel 1 (El Teatro): 10:00PM - 11:00PM
10PM - 11PM HuskMusic11PM - 12AM AuR012AM - 01AM Nifes01AM - 02AM Blackënwulf Main Events: 10PM - 2AM 
Are you a practiconer of the occult, witchcraft, or magik? Do you identify as a pagan or Wiccan? Come meet other followers of the esoteric paths!  Outdoor Panel 3 - Hangout: 10:00PM - 11:00PM
Join the fur collective in doing art for charity! Secondary Events (Terraza): 9:00PM - 10:00PM
Get Foxy! Pounce! This is the place to floof it up with all your fox friends! Outdoor Panel 3 - Hangout: 7:00PM - 8:00PM
​Want to test your metal? a casual gamer? Want to smash some opponents and show that your the best at this game. Join the Tournament and show what you got! Gaming (Camelback Vista): 6:00PM - 8:30PM
Come join Jericho and Boka as they eat their way through the Scoville heat scale! From raw peppers to hot sauces, these two dare devil eaters attempt to melt their faces with some of spiciest peppers available! Watch and chat with the Bird and Coywolf as they torture themselves for charity and talk a bit about the science of spicy!  Panel 2 (Camelback Vista): 6:00PM - 7:00PM
Join Silverfox on how to paint your character and take your art to the next level!  Main Events: 4:30PM - 5:30PM
​A social setting for Fursuit makers of all levels to discuss building methods and exchange tips/tricks of the trade!  Outdoor Panel 3 - Hangout: 5:00PM - 6:00PM
You have a unique talent? Got something to show everyone. Well come up and show everyone your amazing talent! Main Events: 2:30PM to - 4PM
PHS is a fully operational, 2½ acre rescue and rehabilitation center with an onsite reptile clinic and research center located in northern Scottsdale. A dedicated team of over 20 individuals volunteer regularly to maintain the sanctuary and care for hundreds of reptiles housed at the facility. PHS works with state and federal wildlife officials and law enforcement to care for and house unwanted or seized reptiles from across the U.S. Our education team sees over 200,000 people per year to educat...
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Come meet other furs that share your interest in the human medical field. EMTs, Doctors, Nurses, Lab, and Back of House, everybody is welcome to come and say, "Hi."NOTE: No medical advice can be given in this panel.  Outdoor Panel 3 - Hangout: 2:00PM - 3:00PM
Join us In main events at 1:00PM - 2:00PM for our Opening Ceremonies to start the celebration of lights! 
Hello everyone! Please note that we request that you do not have outside food in the convention space. You can Carry it through to your room! Drinks are permitted. Thank you for your understanding!
​Hello Everyone!!! It is officially time to party! Reg opens at 11AM and closes at 9PM, Our Dealers DEN opens at 2PM! and closes at 6PM
Hello Everyone! Welcome to the new year and guess what it's almost con time! Let's take a breather that it's a new year and reflect on the amazing guests of honor we will have this year. They have several amazing panels and offerings up to make this year fantastic. First up is Silverfox! Their art consists of mostly cute chibified animals/anthro equipped with soul sucking, highly reflective, glossy eyes. His art style is heavily influenced by the Kemono / anime culture in Japan and his favorite ...
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Hello everyone! Our events schedule is live on the site! You can now plan your weekend and find out what events you want to attend! We have a plethora of things to do!

Our Community, Our Convention

About PDFC

Painted Desert Fur Con is the premier convention in Arizona for the furry community. PDFC for short, continues in 2021 and is located at the Sheraton Downtown Phoenix Hotel. We are all about community, join us in helping this convention grow!
  • Corgi Events LLC

    Corgi Events LLC hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year from anime to MLP to furry conventions, including Denfur & Aquatifur. Corgi Events LLC has donated over $175,000 to various charities throughout the six years of its operation.
  • Sheraton Phoenix Downtown

    340 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004
    This sophisticated conference hotel is 4.2 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Amenities include an American restaurant/bar with patio seating and live jazz, an outdoor pool, a hot tub and a 24-hour exercise room. WiFi is free in public areas.
  • You can register now!

    Registration is open for all levels, stay tuned for more announcements on the way such as discounts, hotel/travel information and more.