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6 months 3 weeks ago #10 by subbycoon
Different Venue? was created by subbycoon
Hey guys, the con was actually pretty great. I will be the first to admit, after watching my old loca con fall apart I didn’t have high expectations for a first year con. But wow it was pretty good! Had loads of fun but there were a few issues I’d like to address and they all spawn with the venue.

It’s hard to beat how nice that place was, that’s for sure. However, and I realize that weather “normally” isn’t an issue, it’s still something that has to be addressed. While suiting I could not get in/out of my room because of the pouring rain. My feet paws were completely soaked through which then turned me off from suiting anymore. We need an indoor venue. Even if not for that, the room they assigned me was so far away from the lobby it took 10 minutes almost in fursuit to walk there.

The dealers den was perfect size for what it had to offer, however I feel that the “adult section” needs to be reworked. It was too small, could barely turn around when people were inside it, and it definitely needed its own space.

The first night’s dance the house turned on all the lights after Dune’s set and so everyone left thinking the dance was over. However there was another DJ from 1-2am who now he the pleasure of djing for a literal empty room. I know because I stayed in the lobby long enough to see everyone leave and then the music started again but everyone had already left.

All in all, it was a very successful convention! And look forward to seeing it again next year!

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