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6 months 3 weeks ago #11 by sageangel
Hello ALL!!

Before you get to far into this and read for days trying to figure out how great my time was at the con... lets just say it was 11 out of 10!!! I WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR FOR SURE!!..But there are a few things i wish to voice as a feed back.

Over all the con was great! I took my first few steps in Thursday night and was meet with some of the staff who were super chill! I could see how hard they were trying to make this con the "bang" we need here in Arizona. After my trip around I decided to check in with the front desk who was ... well trying to call security on me because i did not have the right name for the room i was saying in... rip.. BUT was shortly fixed and sent to the WRONG location still. After getting settled into my room and ... well picking up my jaw from the floor from how nice it was I went and slipped into the hot... spoool? lol big big spa. It was warm and extra towels were available at all times. (**)

Friday morning!!! CON DAY!!!
Omg omg omg the excitement that was going though at the time was great!! as i approached the registration desk lines were set up signs were attached moments after i stood in line and *bang* registration opens! as there seamed to be only two termanels and a crash coarse pre registered paperwork went though with no issues... ish. (**). STAFF WAS VIABLE AT ALL TIMES!! this is like a big thing to me... who do I ask questions from? who do i to when in trouble? look for the orange shirts that say Staff!! yep it was really cool. I did not run into any and i mean ANY rude staff members everybody was vary professional at all times. even if they havent had there coffee or there pillow has not been seen in days. Now Im ranting back to the events.... The opening ceremonies was fast to the point and then the flood.... the rush to everybody to the dealers den... (**) when you entered the den OMG! it was packed full of things people were selling left and right!! now being at several different con and having a poor experience at my last fur con this was EYE OPENING!. No pressure from any of the venders to buy but was so hard to move around. I got the luxury of visiting the art dealers/ art hall? I felt like i went to Mesa from Scottsdale lol. I spoke to a few of the artist and they were sad that nobody was coming there was no like big arrow yelling for people to come over. This was addressed and fixed right way!! omg!? shocked how well it was done and taken care of. ok... sorry but this is a big big big big big big big rant.... outdoor panels was changed from outside main area to over by the art show area but when everybody when to go look for it they got lost or gave up. I attended one of these panels and waited but nobody came.. sad face.. then as i was getting up ready to leave a few people showed up we talked for a bit and left. (**)

Ok.. on to Saturday~!!
dance pre-lim email.... few forgot to check there email apparently and asked about it and was already to late to join (see #4). Other then a late ish start was rocked out heard back from a lot of the dancers they were happy with prelims but was to early for a lot. As i attended panels and checked out a lot of the areas I was a vary vary nice place to have this event and grow a bit more but will notice some panels getting over filled. the fursuit parade ... omg! set up everybody giving directions again and posted in place. The walk went around everywhere ... not though the vendor hall thank god.. and ended at the headless lodge! WAY TO PLAN!! loved it!! I do want to say to ANYBODY looking to fursuit or will be at this event there headless lodge has .... well im going to say state of the art cooling and drying system i have seen. Who ever idea that was to put together GREAT JOB from all of us fursuiters! As the night continued lots of hugs and panels later, dance comp started up! I loved every min of this and my feed back for this will be a privet message for later. I think there was plenty of seating i did see a few empty seats. This was kinda the end of all the events I attended and was pooped... i hear the after party where a blast! OH! one last thing about the dealers den!! SHIPPING!! what? sorry we ran out but we are more then happy to ship you the item you WANT!!? who ever idea this is GOLD! vary smart when it comes down to shirts or things to order!

So sad .... good bye... i had to leave to early but raising 10K for charity?! WHAT way to go PDFC!!!!!

Over all this being my second con being furry related is GREAT!! i would RECOMMEND this to any first time furry, vet furry, or i never ever been to a con im to scared type of people. you will feel right at home and all the love i already cant wait till 2020!

Thank you all for letting me rant and tell you though these bunny eyes and ears of what i thought!
Lots of love!!

(recommendation/Opinions for improvement)
1.) Everybody will complain about the price of the rooms... is there a way if PDFC management get with the hotel management and lock in summer priceing Vs winter priceing?
2.) vendors having to come though line to get badges during open registration? maybe next year have table registration and/or earlier registration time. this might help with the crash coarse and help before the line starts.
3.) Dealers den - Needed to have a patrol inside the den moving the "standing/visiting groups" and need more walking space. was nice to have a lot of shops but could not get to them if there was a block. maybe also get two big dutch angels side by side for "walk space" and then put tables down lol. Do agree the first feed back of the 18+ only area.. sorry
4.) i know this might be a bit of a pain not everybody is tech savy or knows how to check there phone for updates about the con. Maybe recommend a black board next to reg desk showing changes and or location updates? I know i passed by that desk several times.
5.) radio/tv coverage? invite a station down to check out the new hot event going on!! got to get the word out that that a new top 3 furry con is coming up fast!!
6.) fursuit repair? this never ... wait i just ripped my suit... wish there was some one to help me real fast. yep i would recomend a fursuit repair station in headless station? maybe an idea to kick around?

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