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1 year 7 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #12 by mongoosefangs
PDFC was fantastic, especially for a first year con. It's obvious that a lot of hard work and love went into making its debut, and I only wish I could have experienced more of it. Thank you to the staff and volunteers who made this happen! I'm glad to see that it had such a large turnout and raised as much for charity as it did. I'm already looking forward to next year!

I was only there for the weekend, so I can't comment on anything that happened on Friday. I also didn't book a hotel room since I'm local, so I can't speak for what that was like. I will try to be as descriptive as I can about the stuff I did experience!


1. The venue!
I've been to AZFC at the McCormick Ranch, and I have to say that I like the Plaza Resort so much more. It's a gorgeous venue, easy to find off the main road, plenty of parking, bathrooms right by the front doors- it was just the right size and never felt cramped or crowded (except for maybe the dealer's den but I feel like that's kind of a given at any con.) I was especially happy to see that there was plenty of space and seats for the dance comp.

2. The headless lounge!
Wow, that was the best headless lounge I've ever seen, those drying/cooling stations were genius! Huge room, plenty of space. I appreciated that chairs were readily available, there was always cold water on hand, and the doors were OPEN at all times- nothing more annoying than fumbling with a doorknob in suit. I would second the suggestion for a little repair station, a hot glue gun or two would definitely be welcome. If you can manage it, a large mirror might also be nice!

3. The con artwork!
The mascots and merchandise are so well designed, I love the lanyards and both of the enamel pin designs! The Western theme drove it home, but this really did feel like an Arizona con, not generic at all. Everything from the banners to the badges looked great. I can't wait to see what comes out of next year's Festival of Lights theme!

4. The pronoun ribbons!
Thank you so much for these! They're an awesome gesture and they actually work, for once I don't think I got misgendered all con. They made it so much easier for me to address and be addressed by other people. Love them!

5. The code of conduct!
I really appreciate that you guys are trying to stop drama and bad behavior before it happens, and having clear rules and a dress code listed in the con book is a great start.

6. Staff was easy to identify!
Those orange shirts were unmistakeable, no question who to look for if you need help.

7. The group photo and parade!
Well... you can hardly see me in the final photo :'D But the outdoor tent was probably the best place it could have been held, we weren't all squashed together or overheating in a crowded room, and it was no problem to wait around for picture time- also no bottleneck at the door because there were no doors! Ending the parade at the headless lounge was nice, even with so many suiters all at once it never got too crowded in there. The whole processs felt smooth and well coordinated to me.

8. The charity auction!
Props to your A/V team because that was the most entertaining charity auction ever, also, showing the items and bids up on screen was really handy! Congrats on raising so much! (and I hope you're all okay after the pool thing and got warm and dry immediately!)


1. The art show. We had one?? I know this is a limitation of the hotel and there is only so much space available for the con to use, but I'm afraid that putting the art show and photo booth way out of the way in a little building across the lot kind of killed it. I had to ask around before a staff member pointed us in the right direction and it was pretty dead in there when we went on Saturday- I can only imagine what it was like on Sunday with all the rain. There was some cool stuff in there and it deserved way more attention and traffic than what I saw! I also ended up missing the photo booth opportunity completely (too late on Saturday; if it was relocated on Sunday I didn't hear about it and I wasn't about to take my suit across the wet parking lot).

2. Relocating panels last-minute. Some things got moved to different rooms and/or entire buildings with little notice, and it was easy to miss and made things confusing! I hope this won't be an issue next year now that the staff is more familiar with the venue and can plan the layout accordingly.

3. Registration was slow on Saturday, I guess there was a problem with the badge printer? Quick and easy once I actually got up to the desk, but I spent like 20 minutes standing in an unmoving line before that, so... that makes it the longest registration by far compared to the other local cons I've been to (AZFC and IBFC).

If I had any other complaints, they're so minor I can't even remember them. Overall this was a positive and memorable experience! The amount of effort that went into PDFC really shows. If this is what you guys can pull off in your first year then I know this con is going to be great in the future! I'm glad I could be there to witness it, I'm excited to watch it grow in the future, and I wish it the best of luck moving forward. Thanks again, and see you in 2020!
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