PDFC First Annual Charity Car Show (On Top of Garage Next Door)

Painted Desert Fur Con's First Annual Charity Car Show! Located on the roof of the 200 EVB garage next to the convention hotel!

All benefiting charity, participate in PDFC's first car show! Raffle tickets will be sold throughout the event for a few car related items!

Limited spots, so reserve quickly! Your entry fee is donated straight to our charity.

All makes and models are welcome.

Respect the lot. Any burn outs, revving, or inappropriate behavior will result in the garage evicting you from the property and your convention badge will be taken for the remainder of the con.

Parking for participants will begin at 7:30am and run till 9am. The show for attendees will run from 9am till 1pm, with the drawing at 12:30pm.

Buy tickets to enter your car here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/painted-desert-fur-con-1st-annual-charity-car-show-tickets-234014663157