Painted Desert Fur Con

Meet our 2022/2023 Painted Desert Furcon Guests of Honor!!

The Fuzz

A couple of Phoenix-based furries just trying to make the fandom a better place! With a combined 15 years experience making all things furry, we specialize in the creation of custom fursuits and fursuit parts including heads, paws, and tails (oh my!). Our goal is to shine a positive light on the fandom and help furries live their best lives!

Nalu Catfish

Nalu Catfish, or Catfeesh, is a digital artist, fursuiter, and content creator. They have always enjoyed drawing and doodling and has been honing their artistic skills for 10 years. They also happen to be visually impaired in their left eye and completely blind in their right eye. Nalu has been a part of the fandom since 2014 and contributing to it brings them great joy. They currently do art commissions and make fun videos on tik tok.

Living with their partner and pets in Arizona, Nalu enjoys swimming and being nerd about marine biology and lots of other things.

Social medias and art gallery: Here!

Alkali Bismuth

It was a bright cold day in April, & the clocks were striking thirteen. Laughably, a ferret had been made a guest at PDFC; they stocked up on libations for the thirsty mustelid. Indeed you heard right, the top hat-wearing giant of a ferret has been invited to the very con you are attending! Knowing the convention had asked Alkali to write something about himself, the ferret got to work. Easygoing as he was, Alkali jumped at the chance to put his pen to paper.  The sounds of frantic scribbling could be heard as he wrote facts on his very being. “Excellent cook, improve comic, kind of gay, HUGE fan of D&D and LARPing. “Quaint, kind, tall and loud” finished his description that all attendees would see. Unabashed by his description the ferret sat back in his chair, elated to be finished with the arduous task of describing himself. I know what you are asking, “why would Alkali write the story of him writing his entry rather than writing the entry himself”? Lament not my friends, for a true description of Alkali, lies in one simple step. All one must do is read the first letter of every sentence.vv