Painted Desert Fur Con

The following is the summary of the rules and regulations of Painted Desert FurCon (PDFC). For a complete listing, please consult Convention Operations.

The most important rule of all is to HAVE FUN! This convention wouldn’t be possible without you and we want you to have the best experience possible! With that being said, there are a few things we have to get out of the way first:

Badges and Convention Identification

The convention badge provided to you at Registration are property of PDFC and must be surrendered upon request. You may keep your badge after the end of the convention. Please remember to have your badge visible at all times when you are in the convention space. This is your identification when entering events within the space. By accepting your badge, you are agreeing to abide by all PDFC policies as well as any other agreements that may be necessary.

Convention “Rating”

Painted Desert is considered “rated” at PG to PG-13 in all public areas. Exceptions will be made in areas clearly marked as “Mature” rated in the schedule and event areas such as the 18+ areas in the Art Show/Dealers Den. Any area with a rating above PG-13 will have controlled access and may require display of photo identification along with convention badges to verify age before admittance. 18+ areas will be off limits to Minors regardless of parental consent.

General Rules

No sleeping in any public areas of the hotel or convention spaces. Attendees are required to follow any  reasonable instructions when given by a staff member. If you believe an instruction is not reasonable, address  our concerns to the Manager of that department. Disputes are escalated as necessary, but the decision of the  Directors/Chair is final. Convention spaces are open ONLY to registered attendees or visitors being escorted by staff.

Badges are issued only to one person and may not be shared at any time. Smoking and vaping are NOT PERMITTED in the convention spaces and hotel rooms. There are designated areas for smoking/vaping, but Marijuana use is PROHIBITED on hotel property even with a medical card.

Pets are not permitted in the convention space. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), recognized Service Animals are permitted. Attempting to falsely claim an animal as a Service Animal may result in revocation of membership and local law enforcement involvement.

Any act of vandalism or deliberate damage to the hotel or hotel property will result in immediate revocation of convention membership

Hateful, provocative, and harassing clothing articles are NOT allowed. This is included, but not limited to arm/head/tail bands, shirts, pants, fursuits, costumes, flags, props or any other item at staff discretion. Clothing must keep within the PG-13 rating of the convention, but certain clothing may be worn into 18+ panels or by vendors of 18+ booths provided it is covered up while in public areas.

Merchandise sales may only be performed in the Dealers Den, Artist Alley, or any area similarly designated by  convention staff and only by parties who have prior arrangements with the convention or hotel to conduct business.

Hotel and Rooms/Parties

The person named in the room reservation is responsible for anyone staying in the room and any damages that occur. No signs may be posted to hotel walls, hallways, or elevators. There will be an area for any convention related postings. Room Parties are allowed, but noise must be kept to a level to not disturb other attendees during night hours. Doors to hotel rooms must be kept shut. Noise complaints will receive a single warning from the hotel staff. The member hosting the party is responsible for cleanup. Housekeeping will ONLY clean up bagged trash.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found will be maintained in the Convention Operations Office. If you lose an item, check here first. A report can be filled out describing the item and contact information must be left.

Dress Code

Collars and leashes may be worn, but persons cannot be lead around by them in public areas. Public exposure of bare breasts, buttocks, or genitals is not permitted. Full-body fursuits are an exception (fur covers all!), but may not reveal genitals, buttocks or breasts. Fursuits are not permitted in the pool or hot tub.


All reports of harassment/assault are taken very seriously. If you witness or are the victim of harassment or assault, report it to Convention Operations or CRT immediately. If you are in immediate danger, it can be reported to hotel security as well. It is not the job of Painted Desert or Corgi Events LLC to solve your interpersonal problems. PDFC is not able to prevent attendance of person(s) unless the pose a specific, credible threat or have a criminal history of conviction of crimes which may pose a threat to the convention or its attendees. If an individual stalks, harasses, or attempts to assault you at the convention, report it to any member of the CRT staff. All matters reported are dealt with seriously and may become a criminal matter depending on the severity of the report. Responsibility for settling personal disputes lies solely with the parties involved and any relevant authorities.


Real weapons of any kind are not permitted in convention spaces regardless of any permits for concealed/open carry of such items. This is including, but not limited to firearms, tasers, stun guns, OC (Pepper) spray, knives with 4” or longer blades and swords. Magnetometer wands and other checks may be performed randomly by the CRT to ensure compliance with this policy. Any violation will result in law enforcement being contacted and badges revoked for the duration of the convention. Reasonable facsimiles of firearms are also prohibited in convention spaces. Prop weapons are allowed, but must have no sort of “firing mechanism”. If you have something you wish to submit to CRT for consideration, please bring it to CRT staff before wandering convention.

Substance Abuse

Sale, distribution, use or possession of controlled substances will not be tolerated at PDFC. Anyone violating applicable laws will be immediately ejected from the convention, membership revoked, and law enforcement contacted.


The above does not restrict the authority of the convention to remove or add any necessary policy or procedure at any time without any prior warning. Any modifications to these policies or procedures will be accompanied by immediate notification via social media and the convention website whenever practical.

Our Community, Our Convention

About PDFC

Painted Desert Fur Con is the premier convention in Arizona for the furry community. PDFC for short, continues 2021, located in Phoenix at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown. We are all about community, make an account and join us in helping this convention grow.
  • Corgi Events LLC

    Corgi Events LLC hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year from anime to MLP to furry conventions, including Denfur & Aquatifur. Corgi Events LLC has donated over $175,000 to various charities throughout the six years of its operation.
  • Sheraton Phoenix Downtown

    340 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004
    This sophisticated conference hotel is 4.2 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Amenities include an American restaurant/bar with patio seating and live jazz, an outdoor pool, a hot tub and a 24-hour exercise room. WiFi is free in public areas.
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