Painted Desert Fur Con

Art Show Application

Art Show consists of an General Audience section as well as an Adult, 18+ section. Those artists wishing to participate in the Art Show have some display options. Both sections have the same options. Half or Full Table and Half or Full Panel. Any combination of displays can be utilized.
Half Table
Full Table
Half Panel
Full Panel


Painted Desert Fur Con (PDFC) uses a juried system to select Art for the Art Show.
Art will be selected based on the following criteria in no specific order:


We enjoy being able to showcase the talented artists in the community. A range of items are accepted and encouraged. PDFC realizes that there are several art forms available and looks for a nice array of items. At past Art Shows, we’ve had stained glass items, hand sewn items, paintings, wood worked items, glass items, sketches and other drawings.


PDFC reserves the right to refuse service to any artist with a history of negative behavior, such as (but not limited to) failing to fulfill commissions, abuse of Staff or Attendees, threats of violence or abuse, or general poor behavior, whether online or in person.


Since this is a jury selection, take your time and in the words of the Great Head from Rick and Morty: “SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!”
  • Be thorough and detailed. Think of this as an interview, and this is the way we get a chance to get to know you.
  • Upload good, quality photos of your products and/or booth setup. This isn’t required, but aids us in making decisions, and also gives you the best chances.
  • Don’t Panic! Please take your time. Although we are looking at applications as they come in, we don’t make any official decisions until the applications have closed and we have a chance to sit down as a team and discuss.


All times Mountain Standard Time.

November 10th, 2023, Noon
Art Show Registration Opens
December 1st, 2023, 11:59pm
Art Show Registration Closes
December 12th, 2023
Art Show Notifications Sent
December 20th - Day of Event
Table Payment Window
* Arrangements may be made by contacting the Den Coordinator
At Event
Unpaid/Abandoned spaces released to Waiting List

*In regards to table payment, if payment can’t be made within the timeframe, arrangements can be made within reason. Please reach out to the head of the den BEFORE the payment deadline.


This agreement is made between PDFC and ARTIST. ARTIST is defined as an individual displaying their works in the Art Show. Payment of a display space at PDFC indicates the artist has read and accepted this Terms of Service.
    Only persons approved as “Artists” may be permitted to display their work in the Art Show at PDFC.

    All art sold or displayed by dealers must be in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. PDFC does not permit dealers to display any sexually charged merchandise to the public, except within the 18+ Art Show area. Displays in the main Art Show should be “PG” rated – remember, minors are in attendance at our convention. Artists may be asked to move their display area by the Art Show staff at their sole discretion– these requests are non-negotiable.

    The sale of AI generated artwork, artwork with AI generation included, or merchandise produced from AI generated art is prohibited. AI artwork is defined by AEIOU as artwork or artwork elements that are generated by an artificial intelligence program that has been trained on other artists’ work without their permission. AI generation does NOT include tools such as content-aware fill or other software-based features available within commercial drawing programs such as (but not limited to) Photoshop or SAI. This measure is to prevent the sale and/or promotion of any goods or services that profit off of the theft of another artist's work.

    The Art Show is a special-interest art show; artwork displayed should feature a predominantly anthropomorphic (animals with human characteristics), theriomorphic (humans with animal characteristics), wildlife, or fantasy creature themes.

    All works displayed - whether print, or source pieces - must be the original creation of the registrant. Characters and pieces that are copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise owned by someone else may only be displayed with the express, written permission of the owner. Said permission must be provided to the Art Show, and the original artist or owner must be listed on the bid sheet.

    No more than one print of a given piece may be displayed at a time.

    Material in the General Areas must be suitable for all ages. Artistic depictions that must be displayed in the Adult Area include, but are not limited to:
    • Frontal nudity (bare breasts, or exposed genitalia)
    • Obvious sexual contact (with or without visible genitalia)
    • Extreme violence
    • Illegal drug use

    The following subject matter may not be displayed:
    • Sexual contact between a human and a non-anthropomorphic animal
    • Extreme violence against a minor
    • Sexual situations involving a minor
    • Any artwork that can be considered a direct threat against a person
    • Any artwork that may otherwise be considered legally actionable
    • Any artwork that defames or labels any living person, copyrighted, or trademarked character or other well-known property (parody may be allowed)
    • Any artwork displaying Nazi symbols/iconography or paraphernalia
    • Any heavily politically driven work or propaganda

    Art that is not the original work must be labeled as such. On such artwork ("prints"), the following are required:
    • If the print is from an unlimited run, it must be labeled as such
    • If the print is from a limited run, the print must be numbered, along with the size of the run (e.g. "3 of 25")

    If any questions remain about whether or not a piece can be displayed, please contact our Art Show staff.


    Payments for Display Space are due within 30 days of invoice receipt.

    Artists choosing to cancel their attendance/space must submit their refund request 30 days before the event. Display costs will be refunded in full if the request is put in on or before that date. After that date, the table is non-refundable, but rollovers to the next year’s convention are possible. Contact the Creative Board Member for more information.

    Pieces in the Art Show may be put up for action by the registrant. To do so, registrants will check "This item is for auction/sale" in the top section of the control sheet.

    Registrants may provide a minimum bid requirement. No bits will be accepted for less than the minimum bid; should no bids be received that meet the minimum bid; the piece will remain unsold and will be returned to the registrant at the end of the Art Show. To provide a minimum bid requirement, registrants will enter the price in the "Minimum Bid" box on the control and bid sheets for the piece.

    If a registrant does not wish to stipulate a minimum bid requirement, they will draw a large X through the "Minimum Bid" box on the control and bid sheets for the piece. If no minimum bid requirement is indicated, then any bids will be accepted for the piece.

    Along with the silent auction process, registrants have the option of providing a "Buy It Now" price on the control and bid sheets for the piece. If a registrant does not wish to provide a "Buy It Now" price, they will draw a large X through the "Buy It Now" section of the bid and control sheets. If a piece has no bids, a bidder may elect to purchase the piece immediately at the "Buy It Now" price. Once a bid has been placed on the piece, the "Buy It Now" price will no longer be available.

    A piece for which the "Buy It Now" price has been offered will remain on display until the close of the Art Show, and may be picked up by the buyer during checkout on Sunday. A "Buy It Now" bid ends the bidding for that item and the item is considered sold. No other bidders may bid on it.

    The Buyer/Auction winner will cover sales tax. If the Artist would like to donate a specific amount of percentage to the charity that the event is hosting, they may do so by informing the Art Show Manager.