Painted Desert Fur Con

Meet our PDFC 2024 DJs


The Limit

9 PM

Skye, who on stage is known as ‘The Limit’, is a Salt Lake City based fur, has been in the Fandom itself since 2017.
He picked up Djaying not long after in 2019. Spent lots of time practicing and honing in on mastering the art of mixing. He laid low for the first couple years, and in late 2020 started to publicly dj in his local fur community. Debuting at the local LGBT furry bar night called “fluff party” playing a 4 hour set.
After a few years of doing those events, he finally got the courage to submit for AWU 2023, his home convention. Which shortly after being accepted, also received an acceptance from BLFC 2023.
The reason he wanted to get into djaying was because he noticed that cons almost solely did trance music and music that, unless you were into that music, you wouldn’t know the song. The music is fun, but it’s more fun to dance to a song you know well. So he made it his mission to play recognizable songs with a twist of EDM.
house style music is definitely his bread and butter. But he can play more trance or rave style from time to time.
You may be asking yourself, if you haven’t noticed it already, why does he call himself “The Limit”?
It first started as a pun between his friends, and when he was deciding a stage name, it just stuck.


Skye is the limit.


10 PM

House DJ / Producer in Denver Colorado. After taking a break submitting music and developing a more focused sound for the Sova project with the help of UK based 86deep as a mentor. Sova has collected multiple original UK inspired House and Tech House tracks through 2023. Drawing heavily on sounds far away from the US, Sova is continuing to create unique music driven by passion.

Riley Winterlion

11 PM

Riley WinterLion (Riley Winters) is a pop nostalgic DJ from Denver, Colorado. Riley discovered his passion for DJing during an accidental encounter at Anthrocon as a teenager. Immersed in the pulsating rhythms, he channeled that energy into a stint at a Pennsylvania FM radio station before transitioning to the decks at clubs, cons, and meets. Drawing from his extensive research of music chart history, Riley specializes in nostalgic hits from the ’80s to the present. In 2023, he performed pop nostalgic sets at furry meets and conventions across the continent.

DJ Snowfall

12 AM

Snowfall has been DJing for over five years, and got his start on the convention scene at AWU 2019. With a blend of progressive and deep trance, he brings unparalleled energy to the dance floor. Join him for an evening of unforgettable drops and emotional moments!


1 AM

WHAT UP!! WHAT UP!! It is I FenneK, I’m a Fur who really loves raving and took inspiration from a ton of artists I’ve seen over the years. My love for heavy dubstep, Trap, and even hardstyle came from my all time favorite artist such as Subtronics, Marshmello, and Kayzo. Only tho I am A DJ for now, I will some day spit out some music at some point, then I shall be also considered a producer.



9 PM

Heyo, my name is Avro or Coaster (Coaster being the main sona I go by) and I have been DJing for 3 years. My love for DJing actually has a funny origin story, because it actually came from Roblox when I was around 12 years old. There was a game where you could buy a game pass to be a DJ at a club in the game, and it was just copying and pasting audio IDs and playing them but seeing people enjoy my music choice is what drew me in. Fast forward to 2019 and now I start experimenting with free DJ softwares such as You.DJ and Virtual DJ, and then the pandemic happened. Thankfully DJing can be done virtually and my first “gig” was a set for a group online which was kind of fun but I wasn’t too crazy about how it turned out, lots of missed transition points and mixing errors, all the stuff most DJs experience in their first gig. A few months later though I got my first controller and it was game over, especially being locked in my room for 6 months. Ever since then I’ve been hard at work to improve my skills until today, where I am mostly doing clubs and I’ve done a convention as well, still have a long ways to go though, before I’m at the level I want to be at, but that’s not to say I’m not having a good time. And for all the up and coming new DJs, don’t feel discouraged and keep practicing.


10:15 PM

Velli, the tall black and gold wolf, comes from the big city of Phoenix, Arizona where he lives with his partner Slyphur. He specializes in Electro Swing, but can run with other genres as well! The black and gold wolf has been spinning tunes from 2019 to the present at various cons like BLFC, GSFC, LVFC, and PDFC. Having been self-taught as a DJ, Velli always wants to keep learning more to help make his sets at cons better each year!

Midnight Drift

11:30 PM

While relatively new to the fandom, Midnight Drift is no stranger to performance. Having been a musician and producer since 2009, Arizona based Midnight Drift has been djing since 2018, having done several shows across the west coast and southwestern United States, opening for acts like FrankJavCee, Jai Wolf, and more. Specializing in a blend of Future Funk, French House, Dance and more, they bring their signature eclectic djing style to stages in 2024 in promotion of his new album ‘Touch of Reality’


12:45 AM

HuskMusic is the alias of Nero, an orange husky who lives and breathes music since 2014. HM hopped into the scene and has played all over the country, from 200+ college party events, to cons like BLFC, PDFC and TFF, and even to B2Bing with a local radio DJ opening for Steve Aoki in 2015. Music he enjoys to spin includes house (bass, techno), trance, trap/dubstep and festival. Some of his favorite artists include Dillon Francis, Knock2, JOYRYDE, Habstrakt, and many more.