Painted Desert Fur Con

Artist Alley Application

Artist Alley at Painted Desert Fur Con (PDFC) consists of one 6′ x 2.5′ table and two chairs. It is possible to omit a chair depending on your needs, but you must let us know ahead of time so that we can allow for this in our planning and communicate your request to the hotel.
Electricity is not included. At this time, WiFi service is provided by the hotel.
Table, per Day


PDFC uses a juried system to select vendors for our Artist Alley.
Artist will be selected based on the following criteria in no specific order:


Our major focus is to encourage artists who specialize in art, be it hand drawn or digital art, or small merchandise items to partake in the Artist Alley. The Artist Alley is a great place for seasoned artists as well as up and coming artists to showcase their works.


PDFCreserves the right to refuse service to any Artist with a history of negative behavior, such as (but not limited to) failing to fulfill commissions, abuse of Staff or Attendees, threats of violence or abuse, or general poor behavior, whether online or in person.


Since this is a jury selection, take your time and in the words of the Great Head from Rick and Morty: “SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!”
  • Be thorough and detailed. Think of this as an interview, and this is the way we get a chance to get to know you.
  • Upload good, quality photos of your products and/or booth setup. This isn’t required, but aids us in making decisions, and also gives you the best chances.
  • Don’t Panic! Please take your time. Although we are looking at applications as they come in, we don’t make any official decisions until the applications have closed and we have a chance to sit down as a team and discuss.


All times Mountain Standard Time.

August 22nd, 2023, Noon
Artist Alley Registration Opens
October 6th, 2023, 11:59pm
Artist Alley Registration Closes
October 16th, 2023
Artist Alley Notifications Sent
October 17th - November 17th, 2023, 11:59pm
Table Payment Window
* Arrangements may be made by contacting the Den Coordinator
November 30th, 2023
Unpaid/Abandoned spaces released to Waiting List

*In regards to table payment, if payment can’t be made within the timeframe, arrangements can be made within reason. Please reach out to the head of the den BEFORE the payment deadline.


This agreement is made between PDFC also known as AEIOU and ARTIST. ARTIST is defined as an individual or business selling wares in the ARTIST ALLEY. Submission to receive a seat at the Artist Alley – PDFC indicates that the artist has read and accepted this Terms of Service.
    Only artists approved as “Artist Alley Artists” may be permitted to sell wares in the Artist’s Alley at PDFC.

    Artists are encouraged to sign up ahead of time for the date desired. Submissions are raffled to determine which artists will be permitted seats in the Artist’s Alley on each day (defined as Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). If an artist does not show up fifteen minutes after the opening of Artist’s Alley, their slot is forfeit and an artist from the waiting list will take their place. Artists from the waiting list will be selected by first come, first serve of artists physically present at the Artist’s Alley table by the designated reporting time.

    The hours for Artist Alley are as follows:
    • 10:00 AM - Report to Artist Alley for sign in
      12:00 PM - Artist Alley opens to the public
      7:00 PM - Artist Alley closes to the public
    • 10:00 AM - Report to Artist Alley for sign in
      12:00 PM - Artist Alley opens to the public
      7:00 PM - Artist Alley closes to the public
    • 9:00 AM - Report to Artist Alley for sign in
      11:00 AM - Artist Alley opens to the public
      4:00 PM - Artist Alley closes to the public
    *Hours are subject to change and Artists will be notified.

    Artists must hold a current and valid Arizona Sales and Use Tax ID. This tax ID is required during setup – we will check this when you arrive at PDFC and check into the Artist Alley. Artists are responsible for filing sales and use tax returns in accordance with Arizona State Law.

    Seating in the Artist’s Alley does not come with a badge. Please be sure to register yourself with PDFC Registration. Anyone entering the Artist’s Alley must have a badge.

    Only items that are produced by/handmade by the artist are allowed in the artist alley. Items that are resold are not allowed. PDFC does not permit artists to display any sexually charged merchandise to the public. It must be hidden away (such as in an “Adults Only” binder), or censored (any graphics with genitals or breasts uncovered must be covered by a post-it note).

    Artists are required to check the government issued IDs of any customers interested in viewing or purchasing the sexual merchandise to ensure the customer is at least eighteen years old. Displays should be “PG” rated - remember, minors attend our convention! All merchandise sold or displayed by artists must be in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.

    The sale of AI generated artwork, artwork with AI generation included, or merchandise produced from AI generated art is prohibited. AI artwork is defined by AEIOU as artwork or artwork elements that are generated by an artificial intelligence program that has been trained on other artists’ work without their permission. AI generation does NOT include tools such as content-aware fill or other software-based features available within commercial drawing programs such as (but not limited to) Photoshop or SAI. This measure is to prevent the sale and/or promotion of any goods or services that profit off of the theft of another artist's work.

    This also includes no vaping.

    Please don’t be overly loud or cause a disturbance to your neighbors. If you witness an artist causing a disturbance, please report it to the Artist’s Alley staff.

    Decisions made by the Head of Artist’s Alley are final. If you disagree with a ruling made by an Artist Alley Staff that is not the Head, you may bring your grievance to the Head of Artist’s Alley or Dealer’s Den for consideration. The Artist Alley/Dealer’s Den Head reserves the right to revoke artist alley status, registration badge, or evict an artist from Artist Alley for activities that violate this Terms and Conditions document, at any time, for any reason.

    Artists may not leave their table for more than sixty minutes. If a table space is found to be abandoned for more than sixty minutes, the space will be given to an artist on the waiting list. In the event of replacement, any goods will be cleared from the table and must be picked up at the Artist Alley Staff Table.

    Artists may make use of “full tables” in the Artist Alley. Artist’s display must not encroach on the space of their neighboring artists, unless there is no artist at the neighboring table and no replacement from the waiting list has come forward to claim the space. No displays or items will be permitted to be shown off or around your table space. Any available backstock must be stored under the table.

    Artists are not permitted to use the electrical outlets in the Artist’s Alley area.