Painted Desert Fur Con

DJ Application

Thank you for your interest in helping us put on this amazing convention. For many people one of the most important parts of a fur con is the dances at night. We need amazing DJs to put on these amazing dances. We have two main dances, Friday and Saturday nights, then we have a dead dog dance on Sunday night. Being a DJ is an investment of your heart and soul, time, plus the many other costs associated, and we understand that. We would like to offer all DJs who are selected to perform complimentary registration.


Application Open
October 6th, 2023, 12:00 pm
Application Close
November 11th, 2023
Announcement of DJs


Do you have a feel for the rhythm and the rumble of bass drops? Do you love to entertain fun-loving crowds of all ages? If so, you might be a match for our DJ lineup at Painted Desert 2024!

Our DJ applications will be open through October 6th, 2023, so submit your 1hr mix demo now! Selection is managed through a board of advisors to ensure the most diverse programming possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!


All ages or 18+

All dances are rated PG-13. Nothing overly obscene please. We want to offer the most ideal opportunity for you to be able to perform your best sound. Some obscenity is ok, we cannot have 42 repeated uses of the F-Word within 30 seconds to continue to be flexible.


Equipment standard to the Convention are CDJ 2000nxs Players and a 4 Channel Pioneer DJM- 900nxs2 Mixer. Please feel free to bring your own equipment if that is what you are more comfortable with. We can make equipment accommodations in most scenarios.

Schedule / Time show up

One hour before the first dance the night that you are performing. We want to provide enough time for sound check and to be able to make equipment accommodations if necessary.


Weekend Badge covered (If you have pre-registered let us know upon acceptance and we will work on a solution with you)