Painted Desert Fur Con

Staff Room Preference Application

Painted Desert 2024 – Volunteer Staff Room Terms and Conditions

  • Rooms will be scheduled from 01/04/2024 (Thursday check-in) through 01/08/2024 (Monday morning check-out).
  • The room cost for the entire weekend will be $144 per person (this does NOT includes miscellaneous taxes and fees).
  • The room captain will be responsible for using their credit card at check in for the full amount of the room including the deposit (approximately $600). They will also be responsible for collecting payments from their other roommates.
  • By requesting to stay in a volunteer staff room, you will be responsible for paying your share of the room for all 4 nights ($144 + taxes/fees). If utilizing the volunteer staff room, you are required to pay the entire amount, regardless of how many nights you stay at the convention.
  • Volunteer staff rooms are ONLY for volunteer staff members. No significant others, friends, or any other person(s) are allowed to stay overnight in these rooms. Visits by others not in the room are only acceptable if cleared with all other roommates.
  • This form will close on December 8th at 11:59 PM.

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